Is Counselling Training for You?

There are many reasons for someone to decide to train as a counsellor. It may be that you have a sense of curiosity about who people are and what makes them different. You may feel you have a sensitivity and rapport with people. You may feel able to encourage and help others. You may have had rewarding experience in your own counselling. You may want a career working with people in a meaningful way. These are some of the reasons why our students decide to train.

Counselling training is not just about learning to help people. It is so much more than that. Our training consists of:

A learning experience: you will learn about theories of counselling and integration. You will read text books and write essays and case studies to show us what you’ve learned.

Personal awareness: you will need to have weekly personal counselling yourself, so that you gain a greater awareness of who you are and what your motivations for embarking on this career are. Every training weekend has a group process time which develops this personal awareness. There are group exercises throughout the training which encourage you to think deeply about yourself.

Counselling practice: at the start of the three years you will learn the basic counselling and listening skills. Throughout the three years you will practice these every training weekend with your peers in triad groups. In the second year, when your tutor feels you are ready, you will begin supervised practice in a placement. We help and guide you to find a placement, but it is for you to seek this out. Regular supervision becomes part of your work.

Completion of our three year course will qualify you for working ethically and professionally in private practice, the helping professions, and the statutory or voluntary sector.

In completing our course you will accrue 250 client hours. Completing a further 200 hours will make you eligible for registration as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor in the PCIPC College of UKCP. Matrix will be your member organisation.

Deciding to embark on counselling training can be a life-changing experience. Many of our students acquire not only the skills which enables them to gain a new job, or work in private practice; they find that on the way the training has enriched and fulfilled their lives.