Matrix Course Fees 2017 - 2018


Year 1: £5,000

Year 2: £6,000

Year 3: £6,000

These are inclusive of VAT. Please note that fees can be paid in monthly (x11) instalments at no extra cost.

Other costs to consider:

Please remember that there are additional costs associated with counselling training. The most significant other cost is personal therapy (35 hours per year for every year of training). The cost of counselling varies geographically, but is usually around £35 per hour. Some counsellors offer a lower rate for students in training or those on low income.

You may also have to fund your own supervision once you are working with clients in Years Two and Three. Students are required to have one hour of supervision for every six client hours. The cost of this is similar to counselling. Some placements will offer in-house supervision which is paid for by the placement.

You will also need to fund student membership to UKCP (free in the first year and £61/year once working with clients) or BACP (£78/year) and professional insurance if not covered by your placement’s insurance.

There will also be books/study materials you may wish to buy although books are available to borrow from the Matrix and public libraries.

Please note that if you need to take a consolidation year between years 2 and 3 (to build up clinical hours) or a supplementary year (following the taught aspect of the BSc) to complete your written work and clinical hours, there is a fee - £500 for the consolidation year and £250 per term for the supplementary year for 2017/18.

If you need any further information or guidance please don’t hesitate to contact us»